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    AlgoLab Photo Vector

    High quality color reduction, image cleaning and raster to vector conversion software. Creates vector color images composed of outlines. Price $58.
    Buy the licenses for our software at the AlgoLab Store but first download and try it for free!

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    AlgoLab Photo Vector is a handy tool for designers and CAD/CAM professionals to create, cleanup, make fast corrections, edit designs and create input to CAD/CAM systems including CNC vectors. It is especially useful for cleaning up and editing scanned designs on textile, fabric, vinyl, carpets, mats, and other materials. It helps to simplify images and create mosaic.
    Photo Vector is helpful for such type of image processing when result images should be composed of clean shapes with smooth boundary and solid colors. It creates new stunning photo effects converting photos into scalable vector images looking like painting. Photo Vector is a useful add on to Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Zoner, CAD/CAM and other graphical software to extend it's functionality.
    Photo Vector is the only one high quality vectorizer and image cleaner fully compatible with Jasc Paint Shop Pro.

    Learn more about ALGOLAB PHOTO VECTOR

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    Find an overview of Photo Vector's features at:
    Sample Raster to Vector Conversion with Photo Vector
    To see special effects and pictures created from photos with the help of Photo Vector visit our Art Gallery
    Photo Impressionism
    DalyMemo Art
    Use Photo Vector for
    WEB Design
    Create Vector Flowers
    Vector Flowers
    Algolab Photo Vector: Editor's Choice Awarded at ProgramsDB.com !

    Customers about AlgoLab Photo Vector
    Debra Scarrett, owner of an embroidery online shop:

    Hi, I recently purchased your software for helping with cross stitch designs and I love it. I have a website Sewhip and would like to offer your product thru that site for customers that are having the same color problems that I was. I have worked with Photoshop and Corel Draw and pulling my hair out working with color issues for my designs and your software fixed my problem with very little adjustments.

    Stantcho Kunev, Manager, kunevi@globcom.net :

    I have had the ability to study your program AlgoLab Photo Vector and I am delighted at the possibilities of the program. It is very suitable for correction of the scanned jacquard designs. We are a small firm in Bulgaria. Our main activity is Textile CAD/CAM Systems for woven jacquard fabrics. We will show the program to our old and new customers in order to use it for a quick correction. It is really quick and the quality is very good. The program is just made for our work.

    Lee Parker, Mountville Mills, Inc (manufacturer of message mats with color designs, made several purchases, purchased 30+ licenses):
    We recently purchased a single license of AlgoLab Photo Vector. We have tested the software and are very happy with it and now we are interested in purchasing 10+ licenses.
    Grahame Belton, Beltonsigns Inc.:
    I certainly found it fast and versatile in converting bitmaps to vectors. I am in the process of redesigning my website and will include a gallery of pictures vectorised with AlgoLab. I certainly like the effects that it creates. I have seen photographs vectorised and cut from vinyl and from a distance the effects are stunning and look somewhat like water colours.

    Brandon Mizar http://www.mizardesigns.com

    I am using your demo and I love it... I created a cool MX photo using your software and Renthal saw it and they want me to make some shirt designs for them using it. So thanks a lot for making this great software.
    After testing our product, you may purchase licenses for it at AlgoLab Store! AlgoLab Store allows you to enter card number via a secure connection (SSL).
    Last updated October 22, 2013
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