How to Create Vector Art?
It is very easy and fast to create vector art with AlgoLab Photo Vector. Just download it and follow  to few advises given below.

Basic Steps

  • Install AlgoLab Photo Vector on your computer.
  • Run AlgoLab Photo Vector and open your photo or image saved in Bitmap (.bmp), PNG (.png) or JPEG (.jpg) format.
  • Click "Sequence of Operations" toolbar button.
That it! The job is done!

What you see on the screen is the processed image and outlines. Save the result vector image in Adobe Illustrator (.ai), Enhanced Metafile (.emf), or Windows Metafile (.wmf) format. Now it is ready for further use! 

To see the processed image without outlines press Undo or unselect Vectorizing operation in the Settings dialog box.

Vector Image Enhancement

What if one wish to improve the result? No  problems,  just follow to few easy steps.
  • Try to use different from default settings. There is a set of predefined settings providing more details than the default ones: impr1M, imprM2 etc., and less details: imprL1 etc. To load new settings use File => Settings menu item.
  • One may want to set new settings manually as well. Open settings dialog box from File => Settings menu item and set new ones. In our gallery we used the default and the following settings:
       Set #1 Shaping: 75
Color Reduction: Tolerance 10
Cleaning: spot tolerance 10; color tolerance 10
       Set #2 Shaping: 80
Color Reduction: Tolerance 10
Cleaning: spot tolerance 10; color tolerance 10
       Set #3  Shaping: 90
Color Reduction: Tolerance 7
Cleaning: spot tolerance 7; color tolerance 7
       Set #4 Shaping: 100
Color Reduction: Tolerance 5
Cleaning: spot tolerance 5; color tolerance 5
  • To create your own set of setting for a particular photo do not use the "Sequence of Operations" button but do operations one after another. First set some value for Shaping setting and press "Shaping" toolbar button. If the result is not suitable undo Shaping and try another value. When an appropriate value for Shaping has been found use similar approach to "Color Reduction" and then to "Cleaning" operations. Finally press "Vectorizing" button that gives vector image.
  • For further enhancements one may want to edit palette and/or bitmap. See the help documentation for details.


The save operation in Adobe Illustrator format (.ai) modifies colors providing an additional effect. Save in (.emf) or (.wmf) format to get colors that are more close to the original ones.
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