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    AlgoLab Raster to Vector Conversion Toolkit   is more than a vectorizer but rather a software to refine vector graphics. It provides a look of perfection so important for professional market. Even those who do not use vectorizers but work with artwork and graphics may find in Toolkit a handy helper to refine, perfect their lines.
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  • Dolphins (Made by R2V)
    Dolphins (Result made by R2V Conversion Toolkit)

    Dolphins, Original Draw
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  • Dolphins (Original)
    To create the above images our designer opened a photo of a dolphin in a vector drawing program and digitized it manually that gave the original vector graphics. Then she saved it in the raster .tif format and vectorized with Toolkit. So Toolkit helps to enhance raw low quality vector graphics given by manual digitizing to the vector graphics of high quality standards. In the same way it can be applied to enhance lines in any other graphics.

    Toolkit may be also helpful for those artists who prefer to draw on the paper rather than on the screen. Toolkit will automatically digitize paper drawings and enhance quality of lines. 

    LeBron 11 Blue White Nike KD VI gamma jordan 11

    Result - Smooth outlines

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